Newsletter Creation Wizard

Simple, Integrated Campaign Editor
It's easy to use PG Newsletter Software's built-in campaign editor to create visually stunning newsletters, promotional emails and flyers. It will take no more than 20 minutes to create an email campaign using our email newsletter software and one of the integrated templates. Easy-to-use, intuitive administration interface allows you to administer the product from any location with web access.

Easily test your campaign design and get approval
Realizing how important it can be to test your campaign on different email environments, PG Newsletter Software makes it all easy to send previews of your campaigns to any address. This feature is also very handy for pitching designs.

Now it is possible to view the way your newsletter will be displayed in common email programs right on the page of newsletter creation!

You can now check your newsletters for spam words. List of spam words can be modified easily.

Professionally Designed Email Templates
PG Newsletter Software includes professionally designed email templates. You can use these templates to design a custom email template; the templates come in a variety of formats and can be customized with your logo and colors.

Unlimited Personalization Options
Create custom fields to capture additional details about people subscribing to your mailing lists. Fully personalize all areas of the email - FROM, SUBJECT, BODY, and more, to optimize response. Use personalization tags to add subscribers details in the newsletter.

Now along with name, surname and email address of the recipient, it is possible to insert a link to a web version of the newsletter. In addition, you can now insert tags ‘Unsubscribe’ and ‘Tell a friend’ with your custom text.

Subscribers Management

Unlimited number of subscribers and lists.
Create hundreds or even thousands of mailing lists and either import your existing subscribers or use our newsletter script to automatically create a subscription form for your web site. .

Merge lists feature allows you to copy contacts from one or more lists into a new one.

Target Lists.
Target Lists allow filtering subscribers from a mailing lists list based on common attributes such as location or age and send newsletter to each segment. Thus, newsletters can be sent either to your entire mailing list or only a portion of it that matches specified criteria.

Subscription and unsubscription forms management
PG Newsletter Software allows you to easily create subscription and unsubscription forms to be used on your site. All you will have to do is to put the html code of the form which will be generated by the newsletter script into your website page.

It is possible to add custom form fields to meet your business requirements.

Subscribers can choose a mailing list while subscribing.

Automatic Subscribe and Unsubscribe Option
People need to be able to opt-in (subscribe) to your newsletter, no matter how they found out about it. Double opt-in is recommended. That means you ask them to confirm their subscription via email. This procedure is needed because of the common practice of subscribing other persons to newsletters, for the most curious reasons.

Import and export with ease
To make it as easy as possible to get subscribers into and out of your mailing lists, PG Newsletter Software allows you to import from any CSV file. You can also manually add subscribers via a simple built-in tool. Need a subscriber database for another application? PG Newsletter Software also features a flexible export tool.

Easy to start. Ready to go today

Complete Solution with Your Company Logo
It's easy to add your own logo to PG Newsletter Software so that it looks like your own email marketing solution. It's quick to do and there's no extra cost.

Full Unencrypted PHP Source Code (comes with Open Source License)
When you purchase PG Newsletter Software you receive complete PHP source code. You are free to customize the code in any way you like, such as adding features specifically for your needs, removing the links or anything else you can think of. We do not restrict you from changing any of the code.

Easy Installation from Your Web Browser
PG Newsletter Software includes a complete installation wizard that runs from your browser, or we can even install it for you free of charge - just send us your FTP and database details after purchasing.

Painless Integration Into Any Website
Use PG Newsletter Software built-in form creation wizard to creating subscription forms that you can place on web site to collect your visitors details. If they have an existing email subscriber list they can import that too.

Advanced Features

Your Own Newsletter Service
You can also use PG Newsletter Software to start your own Newsletter Service and provide your customers with all the advanced features of the script. Your customers will have their own separate panel with their newsletters, subscribers, mailing lists, statistics and so on.

Different membership options: you can create different groups with different permissions set and different membership costs. There are 3 types of paid packages you can enable: you can create packages with a certain number of newsletters that can be sent, packages with a specified period of membership or combination packages that allow you to create packages with indicated period and number of newsletter that can be sent.

Now along with more than 10 preinstalled payment gateways there is a new one that allows accepting any type of offline payments: Wire Transfer, check, money order, cash etc.

Currency Management Module allows to add any currency with its symbol and abbreviation to be used in your service.

Multilanguage Interface
Now you can add more languages to our email newsletter script easily, all you need is to translate a single language file. There are 2 languages preinstalled by default: English and Russian.

To make it easier for you to find necessary part of interface text we integrated special search tool that allows searching for the necessary part of interface text by key words.

Embedded images
The most recent operating environments don't allow displaying of remote images: images are then embedded in the message body, avoiding all message reading related problems.

Bounce Handling
PG Newsletter Software makes it easy to remove bad email addresses from your subscriber mailing lists. It gathers all the bad addresses and provides information on the problem that prevented newsletter to be delivered to a subscriber. Then it’s up to administrator to decide what to do with such subscriber.

Let your site visitors see the newsletters you dispatched. Choose the necessary newsletters from the list of sent ones and set up an archive of them so they can be accessed online. The system will generate a link to an HTML page that can be inserted on one of your site pages. This increases your exposure on the Web, drawing in new subscribers.

Email Campaign Scheduling
After you create your email campaign, it can be sent now or can be scheduled to send at any time in the future using PG Email Newsletter Software built-in scheduling wizard.

Recurring scheduling is also supported now.

Comprehensive Reporting and Statistics
PG Newsletter Software provides statistics on newsletters that you send informing on the number of clicks, forwards, unsubscriptions etc. Having this valuable information will help you to determine your contacts' interests, how your list is growing, and much more!

Autoresponder System
Using autoresponders you can follow up with your subscribers automatically sending a series of personalized newsletters to new subscribers at intervals you define.

Triggers automate your mailing lists management adding subscribers to a different mailing list when they open a specific email or sending subscribers a certain newsletter when a particular link is clicked etc. Thus, when you set up triggers, you can configure certain things to happen automatically when certain other events occur.

Support and Additional services from Pilot Group

Installation wizard
The software is developed so that you'll enjoy installing it. It's easy to run installation php newsletter script in your browser and then insert the database information to finish up the installation.

No monthly or annual fees
100% free technical support
Free technical support is valid within 12 months from your order date. You'll get all necessary advice and instructions. Our support team is trained to help you with your questions on software usage, management and installation. Becoming our client you get your own support manager to track your site from the very beginning and to deal with all your requests. You get free technical help and advice any time you come to us.

100% free installation.

Software can be installed at your server by our professional Support Team. If you wish you can install the software yourself.

Customization services
If you want to modify the product, request a quote for your customization requirements for any of our products advanced features.

Newsletter software for email dispatch.

A powerful web-based E-mail Marketing software that allows to easily design HTML and text based newsletters, deliver personalized emails to target audiences through mailing lists, improve businesses by boosting e-mail advertising and communication. PG Newsletter software can be also used for starting your own Newsletter Service, creating membership plans, charging your customers by periods or number of newsletters sent and more.

Newsletter software for email dispatch.